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Introduction to Amazonas Region Introduction to Andes Region Introduction to Caribbean Islands Region Introduction to Central & Cloud Forest Region Introduction to Los Llanos Region Introduction to Orinoco Rio - Delta Region Introduction to Gran Sabana Region

Rainforest Action Network
Works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. The site encourages visitors to take action to protect the rainforests.
A comprehensive world rainforest information portal with well organized links and descriptions of thousands of rainforest related websites. Plus rainforest news, and actions.

Forests Conservation Archives and Portal
Rainforest, Forest and Biodiversity Conservation News and Information.

International Union of Forestry Research Organizations
IUFRO Vienna Office site. IUFRO is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists. Its objectives are to promote international cooperation in forestry and forest products research.

The Rainforest Site
Protect a piece of Rain Forest for free.

The International Tropical Timber Organization
Set up by a treaty that is aiming to ensure that all tropical timber products traded internationally by member States originate from sustainably managed forests. The primary idea is to provide an effective framework for consultation among producer and consumer member countries on all aspects of the world timber economy within its mandate.

The Rainforest Alliance
An international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests.  Their mission is to develop and promote economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to rainforest destruction through education, research and cooperative partnerships with businesses, governments and local peoples.

Joint Forest Management in India
Information and analysis on various topics related to forest conservation in India, particularly initiatives to promote the joint cooperation of fringe forest user groups and the forest department.

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)
Grassroots non-profit organization working to protect endangered species and forest ecosystems on California's North Coast. Site has information about the Headwaters Forest values and resources, and updates about the current status of protecting the endangered biodiversity of this coastal temperate rainforest.

Resource database of rainforest plants including medicinal properties, preservation options, articles, and clinical trial data.

Cloud Forest Alive
Live cams of nesting quetzals and hummingbirds from the cloud forest of Costa Rica. Learn about the importance of preserving the biodiversity of the meso-American biological corridor.

ODI Forest Policy and Environment Group
FPEG seeks to inform the processes of policy change in tropical forestry in ways which improve the livelihoods and well-being of the forest-dependent poor, whilst also securing the long-term future of forest resources.

Tropenbos International
Tropical forest research for nature conservation and sustainable use of rain forests in Cameroon, Colombia, Guyana, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Vietnam.

Global Forest - Pure Science
Global Forest is a research-oriented, conservation biological organization. Our allegiance is to innovative, results-oriented solutions. Help ensure that basic forest science is a priority on the world's stage.

International Society of Tropical Foresters
Committed to the protection, wise management and rational use of the world's tropical forests and promoting communication in tropical forestry disciplines. Includes notices of upcoming training and education opportunities plus organization information.

British Columbia Ministry of Forests
An official government site about forest policy in British Columbia. Site also includes facts and data.

Amazon Conservation Team
Focus on cultural aspects - ACT is dedicated to creating new conservation strategies by combining indigenous knowledge with Western science to understand, document and preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon.

Provides independent, objective evaluation of forest management practices, forest products, timber sources and companies, enabling the public to identify products and practices that do not destroy forests. Certification and use of the SmartWood label provides a commercial incentive for forest managers to adopt sustainable forestry practices.

Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development
An autonomous international rain forest conservation, research and development organisation based in Guyana. It is set up to demonstrate how tropical forests can be sustainably managed and the biodiversity conserved. Activities in forest ecology, wildlife management, adventure tourism, carbon sequestration, participatory approaches and the use of technology such as GIS in decision making.

PEFC - Pan European Forest Council
Promotes an internationally credible framework for forest certification schemes and initiatives in European countries.

Trees for the Future
International tree planting project, working through education around the world.

Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme
The Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Programme works on two interlinked global problems: rural poverty and the environmental effects of deforestation in the humid tropics.

TreeWeb: The Natural History of Trees
The TreeWeb is devoted to the natural history of trees, including their biology, evolution, geography and utilization. Descriptions of tree families, genera and species are included.

Nouabale-Ndoki National Park
Information about conservation and research at the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, Congo, including the wildlife you can find there.

Trees for Life - Restoring the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland
Information about Scottish Forests.

FAO Forestry Department
United Nations, Forests and forestry global portal.

The Encyclopedia of Southern Appalachian Forest Ecosystems
Information on the ecology and management of southern Appalachian forest ecosystems. We have synthesized literature from thousands of sources to provide resource managers, land owners, researchers, students, and the public easy access to scientific knowledge about the forests of the southern Appalachians.

Research in sustainable management, ecology and conservation of the Atlantic Brazilian Rainforest.

Trees for Life
A Scottish conservation charity dedicated to the regeneration and restoration of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland

Alaska Rainforest Campaign
Coalition of regional and national environmental groups working to protect and restore the last great expanse of temperate rain forest in North America. Site includes information about forests and rainforests.

Resources for the Future Library: Forests
Research articles (PDF format) on forest policy and economics. Sample topics include global timber supply and markets; climate, El Nino and eastern U.S. forests; potential for carbon forest plantations; and achieving sustainable forestry through international agreements.

British Trees
Guide to the native trees of Britain, plus links to other web resources on forestry and conservation of British Native trees, including forest conservation organizations.

African Blackwood Conservation Project
A non-profit organization devoted to replanting this threatened species in Tanzania. Blackwood is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments, and the tree plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah.

Great Bear Rainforest
A non-profit, conservation and research society dedicated to ensuring the survival of wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest, and thereby ensuring the protection of this ancient temperate rainforest.

Multi-disciplinary project sponsored by the European Community which aims to investigate and document the future of the peoples of the rainforest. Involves over 30 researchers in the Caribbean, central Africa and the southwestern Pacific. Site is for the use of anthropologists and others to promote wider access to information concerning the earth's rainforests and its people.

Russian Forests
This English language site gives an overview of Russian forests, and the threats facing them. 22% of the world's forests are in Russia.

Sustainable Forestry & Certification Watch
SFCW aims at enhancing the understanding of forest certification, particuarly regarding sustainable forest management, international forest policy, trade in forest products and consumer choice.

Economics of Forest Protection and Management
Find out about the economics of forests in the Southern U.S. and beyond, including measuring the sustainability of forestry, valuing nonmarket benefits, estimating the response of landowners to policy and incentive programs, projecting future timber supplies, modeling land use changes and forest fragmentation, and the understanding the potentials of ecotourism and agroforestry.

Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
The Royal Forestry Society is based in the UK and caters for all who care about forestry, forests, woodlands and trees, their husbandry and their future.

World Resource Institute- Forest Frontiers Initiative
FFI is a five year, multi-disciplinary effort to promote stewardship in and around the world's last major frontier forests by influencing investment, policy, and public opinion.

WWF - Global Forest and Trade Network
The Network is committed to producing and purchasing forest products from well-managed forests and to supporting independent certification.

Forest Action Network
Campaigns to save British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action.

World Land Trust
UK based conservation charity. Site includes information about forest projects and resources for schools.

Wood Consumption and Resource Conservation Alliance
This is a clearinghouse for techniques to reduce wood consumption and alternatives to virgin forest products, such as recycled, kenaf, hemp, agricultural residues and other biobased products.

The Bioesfera Project
About the First Spanish-Tropical Forest Biology-Archeology Workshop, in Guatemala in 1995. Site has information about rainforests and interactions of culture and environment.

Southern Forest Resource Assessment
A multi-agency evaluation of the status of forest resources of the southern U.S., their productivity, ecological diversity and sustainability. Led by the USDA Forest Service.

Audubon Sanctuary, Francis Beidler Forest
National Audubon Society wildlife Sanctuary, one of the lartest virgin blackwater cypress-tupelo swamp forest left in the world (11,000+ acres).

Resource Conservation Alliance
Non-profit encourages less wood consumption and the use of alternatives such as recycled fibers, straw, and industrial hemp.

Bois et forêts des tropiques
scientific review disseminating knowledge on tropical forest in french, english and spanish.

Forestry in the Appalachian Hardwoods of Kentucky
Forest conservation and the practice of forestry in Kentucky. Consulting Forester and sample timber cruise report. Forest Management Workshop Manual. Forest Measurements from a Field Forester's Perspective. Growing and Harvesting timber. Many forestry, conservation, and ecology links

Forests Forever
An organization which protects and enhances the forests and wildlife habitat of California through educational, legislative and electoral activities.

Rainforest live
Educational resource on rainforest especially for junior students and teachers. Includes some teaching ideas and plans, and notes from researchers. Created by Paignton Zoo, UK. Includes some Realplayer and Flash items.

Forests Monitor
Contributes to the debate about sustainable forest management by collating and disseminating information on companies operating in the forestry sector around the world.

Asia Pacific Forest Certification Information
A forest certification service aims to develop a certification information network to educate stakeholders and promote certification in East Asia and the Pacific.

A German-supported (mega)transect study of the Biodiversity of West Africa (Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Benin), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), and Southern Africa (Namibia and South Africa).

Rainforest Concern - conserving and protecting threatened natural habitat,
Conserving and protecting threatened natural habitat, particularly rainforests and the biodiversity they contain in Ecuador, Sri Lanka, the Amazon, Costa Rica and other parts of Central and South America

MN INteragency Information Cooperative
Forest data resource for Minnesota.

Extinction Sucks
Learn about the fate of biodiversity and endangered species in the temperate rainforests of British Columbia, Canada.

U.S. Non Timber Forest Product Website
Conservation and development information on commercial, recreational, and subsistence extraction of non-timber forest products (NTFP) in the United States with regards to cultural, ecological, economic, geographic, and political considerations.

Fundacion Jocotoco
Information about rainforest reserves in Ecuador.

Forest Conservation: Australian Bush Heritage Fund
Organisation that buys and then manages high-conservation private land in Australia as community-based conservation efforts.

Forest Puzzles
Pacific Northwest forests education site. At Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

PEFC Watch
Finnish watchdog group focusing on the activities of Pan-European Forest Certification. Informs consumers of wood products on the ecological and social credibility of the PEFC-certificate from the perspective of Finnish environmental organizations.

The Children's Rainforest Inc.
A student-teacher environmental conservation/education group whose mission is to protect endangered habitats in the tropics through school fundraising. Based in Canada.

East-West Forestry Associates, Inc.
California forest inventory data, GIS.

Focus on Forests
Describes issues facing forests today. Aimed at 11-14 year olds studying for Keystage 3.

Eastern Old-Growth Clearinghouse
News, announcements/alerts, summaries of selected scientific and general interest articles, and other information about old-growth forests in the eastern United States.

World Today
Personal website about the Amazon rainforest.

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research
Information and research about Ontario's remaining old-growth forest ecosystems, including where to see them and how to help conserve them.

Pax Natura a Costa Rica Rainforest
A private rainforest preserve in Costa Rica.

Panacea Growth Ltd.
Project to promote teak reforestation in Belize.

Tongass Clearinghouse
Dedicated to the Celebration and Preservation of America's North Pacific Rainforest

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve
The Mamirauá Project in Brazil, a non-profit NGO combining research and sustainable development.

Decoding the Silent Lyrics of Rain Forests
The "Tree of Life" shows that animals and plants have a common primordial ancestor. A Nigerian scientist, Philip Emeagwali, argues that the rain forests are the untapped technological gold mines of the 21st century.

The Beech Scheme
This site contains material that largely supports the beech scheme -- a proposal to sustainably manage beech forests on 0.1 million hectares of New Zealand's 2.8 million hectare beech forest estate.

Ecoforestry Notes
Journal dedicated to the art, science, philosophy, and practice of sustainable forestry in healthy forests. Selected contents of past issues.

Working group socio-economics of forest use in the tropics and subtropics
scientific research projects on socio-economic and cultural aspects of forest use in tropical forests

Cloud Rain Forests of Costa Rica
General information about cloud rain forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Understand what lies under the canopy of the pristine primary cloud and rain forests. For students and the public at large.

Clearcutting in Nova Scotia
Describes the adverse effects of forest clearcutting, discusses alternatives, and encourages action to stop the practice.

Native Orkney Tree Preservation
John Moar presents information and links to groups working to preserve the native tree species of Orkney area, Scotland.

Daintree Rainforest
Guide to the Daintree region of Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Covers threats, ecological and aboriginal history, flora and fauna, climate and news.

Watching Over The Rain Forest sells sustainably harvested products from the rain forest, including food, home and garden supplies, personal care products and toys for kids.

Sustainable Beech Forestry -- Maruia Forest
Describes the controversy about conservation-enhancing sustainable forest management in the beech and rimu forests of West Coast New Zealand. Contains prime scientific papers, letters to politicians, Press Releases, links to other sites.

An extensive collection of resources on conservation, and the ethnographic and social features of the Sundarbans region, Bengal.

Tangaloa Wood
Encourages people to protect rainforests by using Tangaloa hardwood, a quality replacement for rain forest and old-growth forest woods.

Forest Health
Forest health issues with public forum and free advice.

Headwaters Forest Coalition
A group of independent environmental organizations banding together to save the Headwaters old growth Redwood Forest from being cut down.

Citizens for Responsible Forest Management
CRFM is committed to preserving and enhancing the ecological stability of the Santa Cruz Mountains environment, especially wildlife habitat and watershed stability, water quality and all beneficial uses of water including fisheries.

The Native Forests of New Zealand
Learn about the various types and distinctive character of native forests in New Zealand; their unbroken lineage to the ancient forests of Gondwana and the impact of human activity on these forests. Includes images, references, links and books.

Mining in the Amazon
Information about the harmfulness of mining in the Amazon Rain Forest.

A short tour of this subject. Educational and resourceful. Tour includes: water/carbon cycles, government help, links, and glossary.

Las Nubes Neotropical Research Center
Las Nubes Neotropical Research and Conservation Center is located in southern Costa Rica. It is a joint project of the Faculty of Environmental Studies of York University in Toronto and the Tropical Science Center in San Jose. Its objectives are biodiversity protection, local community development, and environmental education.

Be Woods Wise! - The Maine Forest Service
The Maine Forest Service, shares your vision for beautiful, healthy and productive woodland. We respect your decisions, and can help put your decisions into action.

Dry Rainforest Restoration and Rehabilitation Project
The Grafton Dry Rainforest Remnant is located on the lower slopes of the floodplain of the Clarence River north of Grafton. It is described as having very high conservation significance and is considered the best remaining dry rainforest remnant on the flood plain of the Lower Clarence.

Ecological restoration of Scottish Wildwood
Carrifran Wildwood Project-begun on January 1st, 2000- is recreating an ancient woodland in 1600 acres of Southern Scottish upland valley

New Forest Life Project
Restoring Europe's ancient woods, heaths, wetlands and associated wildlife. Project based in the New Forest, Hampshire England.

Plant-It 2000 Foundation
Founded by singer John Denver, Plant-It 2000 is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible worldwide.

Finca Leola - Costa Rica Reforestation
Working with the people of Costa Rica and fellow plantation owners to make it possible for anyone to help in the fight against deforestation.

Fruits of the Amazon Flora
Scientific descriptions and illustrations of fruits from over 500 species of Amazonian trees



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